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About Us

Creaciones A. N started in 2018 as a family business, after a couple of months we had to put a hold to the store. And in 2020 after some difficult times we decided to hit restart. We love creating, making people happy and we love our island (that's the reason we have so many pieces of Puerto Rico). In 2020 after some difficult times with a family loss, we decided to launch different products without losing sight of why we started, to bring joy and positivism through art (personalized and unique). This art also helps us to deal/cope with everything going on in our lifes. And we hope that we can share some of that happiness, love and art with you. Love, Agnes & Natalia (A. N)


Some of the things that we love to do is create pieces that mean something to you. We've had the honor to create pieces with remnants of flowers that are special to our clients and jewelry with pictures of special moments or people you love. Our latest very special personalization was to preserve hair of a loved one for a client. We are open to personalizations, we aim to create pieces and you give the meaning to them.

Puerto Rico

All of the pieces you see in Creaciones A. N are proudly designed and made in Puerto Rico. The love for our island is so big that we created a whole collection of pieces that honor Puerto Rico's beauty, culture and history. This collection is a way to have pieces of Puerto Rico (made in PR) for puertorricans to use, wear and represent all over the world. Have a piece of your island with our Puerto Rico Collection.